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25 Simple Everyday Automation for HDB/Condos

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Smart Lighting Ideas

1) Have a master switch to turn off everything in your home (Lights, electronics, devices, etc.)

2) One button press to turn on various lights and devices as you enter a room.

3) Motion sensors in critical areas can signal the automation system to switch on/off lights when someone enters a room/area or when the room/area has been vacant for some time.

4) Set up motion sensors that only activate at night to turn on lights when you make your way to the kitchen/toilet. Works better with a dimmer which can ramp lights to 15%. (Just enough light to see but not be blinded)

5) Have lights turn on automatically at sunset when motion is detected in the room

6) A “Bedtime” scene can set bedside lamps at a level just low enough for comfortable reading. (For traditional lamps, you can smarten them using Smart Plugs)

7) Set up contact sensors in your storeroom to automate the lights to turn on when the doors are opened and off when closed.

8) Set up a basic scene that activates when you open the door and turns on certain lights and air-conditioners when you return home every weekday from work.

Entertainment/Home Theatre Ideas

9) Create a scene for guests that provides a cosy ambience and a customized playlist that starts up automatically at 30% volume to allow for chatter.

10) Keep your room at the perfect temperature by regulating your aircon temperature using a smart thermostat. (Extremely useful when you have guests over or staying at one area for a prolonged period of time)

11) Turn on your home theatre system and TV using voice control. (Smart IR Remotes can be used to learn the signals given off by your remotes to help in this function if your home theatre systems are not smart)

12) Create a Cinema scene that turns off/dims all lights, turns on the air-conditioner, closes all blinds/curtains for the perfect atmosphere to Netflix and Chill!

13) Watching TV when someone rings the doorbell? Set up an automation to pause the TV show or movie until you return.

Smart Security Ideas

14) Set up push notifications and see who's at your door anywhere and anytime when the doorbell rings.

15) Have your lights flicker when someone presses your doorbell. (Useful for individuals with hearing impairment)

16) Access security video feed remotely from your smartphone, from anywhere in the world.

17) Set up “Mockupancy” scenes – lighting that is automated to make the house appear occupied when you’re away on a trip.

18) Strategically place surveillance cameras that notifies you when movement is detected in restricted areas

19) Are you away, but want to give a guest access to your home? Create temporary access codes for your guests, which they can punch into your home’s smart locks, notifying you of their arrival. 20) Use a smart doorbell that records movement outside your door when you are not home.

Other Automation Ideas

21) Schedule food to feed your furry friends during weekdays when you're away at work with a smart pet feeder. Surveillance cameras can also be set up to monitor their everyday movement and send push notifications to you.

22) Always running out of hot water? Schedule the water heater switch to turn on 15mins before your usual shower routine and turning it off 10mins after you shower. Even better, having it turn on for just 15mins every 6 hours to enjoy hot water all day round while saving money!

23) An “Exercise” scene that lowers the temperature for a workout, even turning a TV to a favourite station or starting a customized music playlist.

24) Your everyday good morning scene starting by gradually bringing up the lights to let your eyes adjust, followed by some mellow music or news and turning on the kitchen lights to get you started for your day.

25) A simple goodnight scene that prompts you for your alarm, tells you your calendar the next day, turns off all the room lights, sets the temperature to your liking and lastly, playing some white noise for an hour to provide you with a good night's rest!

Switch Smart Singapore!


You can learn more about switching smart at

If you're ready to start your Smart Home DIY, these products have already been handpicked for compatibility and seamless integration because we know they work well with each other.

If you think you'll need a little more help, feel free to get in touch with us, we're here to guide you through the conceptualisation and development of your very own Smart Home.

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