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Smart Power Strips: Energy Savings the SwitchSmart Way

Everyone knows that switching off all unnecessary appliances when not in use can help save your electricity. However, most of these strips are usually hidden away as they can be quite unsightly to see. In addition, having so many wires cluttered around also does not make it any easier for one to reach behind your entertainment setup just to switch the power strips off every time it's not in use.

Think TV consoles, computer workstations, and other concealed power strips and it easily becomes clear why most homes don't save as much energy as they should - the idea of reaching into dark and dusty crevices for additional power savings seldom seems worthwhile. Once I'd planned to switch smart, I knew that this was an issue that had to be resolved.

Smart power strips provide flexibility beyond normal power strips. Each device can be individually named and operated independently (except for the 4 USB ports which are operated all together). Control your appliances via voice commands or link them to sensors or switches for that semi-autonomous setup. This makes it possible for multiple configurations based on one command, only turning on/off the necessary sockets when needed.

Leaving home or turning in for the night?
Just flick a switch to turn off all non-essential devices. Simple does it.

Congratulations, you can now save power with ease because your house thinks for you, now that's switching smart!

Switch Smart Singapore!


You can learn more about switching smart at

If you're ready to start your Smart Home DIY, these products have already been handpicked for compatibility and seamless integration because we know they work well with each other.

If you think you'll need a little more help, feel free to get in touch with us, we're here to guide you through the conceptualisation and development of your very own Smart Home.

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