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SwitchSmart explains Zigbee vs Wi-Fi

Updated: May 25, 2021

If you're new to the smart home environment, understanding what technology to invest in can help you decide how you want to create your Smart Home. Naturally, the sooner you understand this, the less money you will end up spending as you go about building your Smart Home.

SwitchSmart has a collection of both Wi-Fi and Zigbee products, however, if you look closely you will notice a trend - almost all our switches and actuating devices use Zigbee instead of Wifi.

What exactly is Zigbee and what are its benefits? We've found a handy video that we think will help you understand better:


Zigbee is an open framework for device-device communication, if you want:

  1. Lower power consumption and long-term cost savings

  2. Less blind spots

And you don't mind:

  1. Slightly higher initial prices

  2. Lower data throughput (may not support video feeds)

  3. Increased security

Then Zigbee is a good choice for your smart home devices.

Wi-Fi is a readily available framework for device-device communication, if you want:

  1. Larger data throughput (in the case of video feeds and surveillance systems)

  2. Slightly lower initial prices

And you don't mind:

  1. Increased long-term power consumption

  2. Getting another router or Wi-Fi extender to cover blind spots

Switch Smart Singapore!


You can learn more about switching smart at

If you're ready to start your Smart Home DIY, these products have already been handpicked for compatibility and seamless integration because we know they work well with each other.

If you think you'll need a little more help, feel free to get in touch with us, we're here to guide you through the conceptualisation and development of your very own Smart Home.

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