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What are Smart Plugs? How useful are they?

Smart Plugs are one of the cheapest and most popular smart home devices, but most smart plugs end up spending their entire life turning lamps on or off. Sure, they’re great at that job, but they have so much more potential. We’re here to give you some good uses for smart plugs, one of the most handy gadgets to use throughout your smart home.

What is a Smart Plug?

A Smart Plug is a power plug which can be fitted between power cords and sockets to function as a remote controlled power switch. As such, Smart Plugs can be used to make "not so smart" electrical equipment "smart" and thereby enable such devices for home automation. They are "smart" in the sense that they can be turned on and off without you touching them.

Smart Plugs just need a bit of thought and some fiddling to be able to do fun and useful things. To me, appliances that are worth making "smart" are those you must walk to every day or that are difficult to reach or appliances which can be turned on/off automatically at preferred timings. It could also be appliances you keep forgetting to turn on/off. It could even be switching off appliances which you may have forgotten to turn off when you left home in a hurry.

Another cool feature is the ability to access your smart plug using your voice when coupled with Google Home.

How useful are Smart Plugs?

One of the biggest pros of Smart Plugs is their ability to be accessed remotely and scheduled. Thus, saving time, money and providing safety.

Having a Smart Plug to control my lamps in your living room is convenient since at times they could be in a place that is hard to reach.

Do you always forget to turn off your monitor?

Now, what about you home office or study? You could save a few dollars by having a Smart Plug turn off all your monitors, speakers and chargers at a press of a button from you phone. The plug would pay for itself pretty quickly.

Do your decorative lights need to be turned on?

If you are still switching your festive lights on and off by hand or relying on old-fashioned timers, the obvious thing would be to put Smart Plugs on all of your festive lights and create some groups – maybe differentiate between indoor and outdoor, and have an overall group too. That way, a simple, "OK Google, turn the Christmas lights on" or an "Hey Google, Let the Magic Happen" will create instant 'magic' and save you walking around the house turning on a load of switches. It's the time wow the kids and impress your guests.

How about the Bedroom and Bathroom?

The biggest Smart Plug winner in the bedroom and bathroom would be anything that could be a fire hazard. Like an Iron, hair curler or straightener. Do you constantly forget to unplug or turnoff your heating appliance? Use it with a smart plug so that you don’t start a fire in your house. Think you left it on? Make sure it is off from the comfort of your office!

Are you overcharging your tools?

One of the most common problems we face with our tools is overcharging them causing a reduction in the device’s battery lifespan. If you have cordless tools for DIY or work, then chances are they’re not charged when you need them.

A Smart Plug can help. Plug the charger into one and leave it turned off. When you know that you’re going to need the tool, just set the smart plug to turn on a few hours before and you’ll head out to a fully-charged battery.

If you just want to keep your batteries topped up, then you can set a scheduled routine to turn your battery charger on, say once a every 3 days, and off again after a few hours. Then, your tools will be ready whenever you want to use them.

Smart plugs have a wide range of uses, all of which can add convenience, save energy and just generally help out around the house - what more could we ask for?

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