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SwitchSmart: Automation with Motion Sensors

Updated: May 25, 2021

I'm sure we've all been to toilets in shopping malls and hotels where the lights and ventilation turn on automatically the moment you enter but, have you ever stopped and wondered how this happens?

Motion sensors have been around for the past decade but have only recently been added as a lifestyle item for your home. With innovation constantly improving, motion sensors are a fraction of the cost of what they used to be. As such, today, I would like to talk about one of our favourite products, the Zigbee passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor - Swivel Mount!

The Zigbee PIR motion sensor is a nice addition to your smart home as it brings along a variety of use cases such as security, efficiency and convenience in your everyday life. This sleek and petite device comes with high sensitivity and strong network signals to ensure that even the tiniest action would be picked up. The ability to detect any form of movement or the lack of movement can then be used as triggers to allow for various forms of automation to be carried out based on your needs. Furthermore, it has a swivel mount which allows 360 degrees adjustments much like the picture above. Isn't that amazing?

"Won't it require a lot of electricity?" you might ask.

Well, the Zigbee PIR motion sensor is equipped with an ultra-long standby time and is actually battery operated. Powered by a single 3V CR2450 battery, it can typically last for about 2 years before a change is required. Also, when paired with other smart devices, the Zigbee PIR motion sensor can in fact, further increase cost-effectiveness as mentioned in our previous post.

Have you ever forgotten to turn off the light? Your smart home has got your back.

Use Cases

1) To provide automated power savings by switching off devices you have forgotten. The most common use case for this is the toilet. I'm sure we all know a guy who ALWAYS forgets to turn off the lights after using them. Motion sensors can help resolve the issue by simply adding a timer when there is a lack of movement detected. For example, I personally set a 4m timer for my toilet before the lights automatically switching off.

2) To provide added safety at night or in dimly lit areas, automatically reducing the risk of injury or falls. This is especially applicable if you have any disabilities or elderly living with you. For instance, waking up in the middle of the night to grab a cup of water will no longer be an episode of you stumbling around and bumping into furniture just to find the light switches. Just imagine an automated walkway being lit up as you enter into each area of your house hassle-free.

3) For families who are more concerned about security and monitoring, motion sensors can be integrated with video capturing devices to provide active monitoring during specified times. Some examples include active monitoring at the entrance of your doorway when you're asleep or away, or the more common example, which is to monitor your pets while you're at work. For landed houses, you can even pair this setup with garden lights to ward off intruders!

These are just some of the common used cases for motion sensors but there is so much more that can be done. Overall, motion sensors provide increased flexibility and functions to your Smart Home and would greatly increase your convenience through automation. Therefore, do consider Zigbee's motion sensor in your next upgrade for your Smart Home!

Zigbee Motion Sensor - Static Mount

Alternatively, you can check out its non-swivel counterpart here. It is slightly more compact than the swivel mount. However, the functionality and use cases for it remains the same. The only question is "which is more appropriate for the area you're installing in?"

Switch Smart Singapore!


You can learn more about switching smart at

If you're ready to start your Smart Home DIY, these products have already been handpicked for compatibility and seamless integration because we know they work well with each other.

If you think you'll need a little more help, feel free to get in touch with us, we're here to guide you through the conceptualisation and development of your very own Smart Home.

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